Mom’s Radio re-launch in Bacolod set on Sept. 3; content dwells on Women Empowerment

Southern Broadcasting Network (SBN), operated by Solar Entertainment Corporation will re-launch Mom’s Radio in Bacolod City on September 3, 2017, said Linnie  Mayoralgo Dinopol, SBN Senior Vice President who came to Bacolod City yesterday (Aug. 3) to see the preparation being done for its re-launch.

Getting wisdom from these two seasoned broadcast personalities Tita Elsie Jolingan and Ms. Linnie Mayoralgo Dinopol, Senior Vice President of Southern Broadcasting Network (SBN), operated by Solar Entertainment Corporation for the re-launch Mom’s Radio (90.3 FM) in Bacolod City on September 3, 2017.
She said that Mom’s Radio (90.3 FM on your Radio Dial) has been an innovative radio station which merges the FM and AM traditional kind of broadcasting. It’s both talk and music.
“People in Bacolod can hear us already broadcasting from Antipolo, simulcast in Cebu, Bacolod, Davao, Laoag and Vigan. We have from 7 a.m. – 9 a.m. talk (Breakfast with Mom); 12 noon to 3 p.m. (Man of the House). In the morning, we have two moms in tandem. We have content which is all about moms, family and community as well. In the afternoon, we have Dads talking about the share of fathers and daddies in the family and in the community. We do content planning for our talk programs and we also have music  in any other hours. So we are on air from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.,” she said.20170803_141241-1512x2016
The focus of our content is on mothers and women.
“We believed that mothers and women have a huge influence in promoting quality life at home, among family members and also in the  community. It’s like talking about how children grow up with the right upbringing in partnership with Daddies. Mothers are more hands on and they bring about the strong influence  among their children and at home,” she said.
It cannot be denied that there are challenges that many families face with the advent of technology and some other interferences, but that is actually where the intervention comes in. We consistently instill values in the language of the younger generation that is why we are also into social media ( and we go live on Facebook and news stream as well. Beyond, radio, we are present in the social media. With the noise brought by the present technology, we still bring in the interest of children and at the same time coach and educate mothers in terms of instilling the values among their children, getting them the quality upbringing with a very balanced maturity,” she said.
She further said they involved parents and children in the talk. We try to penetrate awareness through the social media where they are most interested in right now. We have to be creative in catching their attention about the joy of having an intact family like bringing together family members bound by these values.
They engaged young people in their team getting fresh ideas from them especially on how to catch their attention.
“We have these contests in social media and in radio which hold contests that bring in the values that we are targeting for our target audience,” she said.
Mom’s Radio was operating in Bacolod until 2009 due to change of company ownership. We have reformatted in terms of the talk and music that we offer. We also reached the class A and B (preferential market) because we want to partner with them in terms of their influence in the community as a whole. We also partner with them in terms of the program content so that there will be more relevance in what we put on air.
There will be local anchors soon because the direction will be in the local programming.
Right now, they are airing from Manila simulcast to five provinces and eventually, they will be in Zamboanga and Tacloban.
“We are embarking on local content which will be put on air in Manila at an early stage. We will invite local anchors to come in to our Manila programming. This will be done early on in Bacolod, Cebu and Davao. This is also will be heard in Laoag and Vigan but Bacolod, Cebu and Davao will be the major players in airing local content. That is the early part of the plan. We are looking forward to upgrading projects in the different provinces because as a whole, Solar Entertainment is gearing up for digitalization,” she said.
They will also re-launch the “Super Moms’ Club” in Bacolod City. This is a club of mothers who will be the prime movers in women empowerment through information, education and entertainment.
This is actually something that they are bringing back again. There was a strong Super Moms’ Club in Bacolod City before and we are re-organizing it in the city.
We made a lot of difference in the community in terms of engaging our mothers from this community to be well informed and empowered mothers who will be leading families towards quality living. We Get them involved in our content and that makes us relevant. We bring in authorities in the class A market who are our strategic alliances such as the local doctors, LGUs and NGOs  who will help promote their own advocacy such as clean environment, healthy living, a drug free community, wellness, among others.
She also pointed out that in the age of technology, this could be used as means to connect families and its members and not to disconnect them.
“Family members need to interact face to face. The concept of family is in the values that the parents instill in their children. That’s what holding the children even when they pursue their studies away from their homes.
The values taught to them will hold them back to their home where they grew up. And that is exactly what they bring wherever they go. This is where I see technology helping them get connected as a family,” she said./CNC

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